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3 thoughts on “What Would You Like to Read?

  1. SallyLou

    I’d like to hear more stories of 1st and 2nd generation Americans, growing up between the immigrant world of their parents and their own Americanization. I’ve heard that it takes until the third generation to be fully Americanized——
    I think we have heard enough stories of coming to Ellis Island with 50ยข in our pocket, or the Little House on the Prairie stories. While these are interesting, I think we should move beyond and cover the richness of becoming American.

    Also: I’d like to hear more about “The Strangers from Another Shore” (those that came from Asia) and entered through Angel Island. Fascinating tales there. Like the poetry they left behind on the walls of confinement before they were allowed in, or, more commonly, sent back.

  2. Gayle Geber

    I’d like to see more about HOW people wrote their family histories, challenges they’ve faced in writing and how they overcome barriers (e.g., writing about people they don’t know much about), or what style they used and why they chose it (e.g., essay, traditional history, or some form of creative nonfiction).

  3. True

    Hello Amy! I don’t know if your the “Tech Lady” but I’d be interested in different websites. I can’t figure out WordPress because I can’t talk to anybody. There’s only online support that looks outdated or not recent. I took the vote


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