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Some Folks Call Me a Maverick

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FT40-to-Follow-150Recently in Family Tree Magazine, Lisa Louise Cooke compiled a list of “Social Media Mavericks” — 40 genealogists to follow on social media. I am honored — and quite surprised! — to be named on that list! I’m in the Twitter section. Here’s what she had to say about me:

Certified genealogist and librarian Amy Crow tweets posts from her No Story Too Small blog. One must-read: “Two Worthless Brothers in My Family Tree.”

So what do I do on Twitter? I post from the blog, talk genealogy, and, occasionally, go on about The Walking Dead. Go ahead — click the little blue birdie on the right side of the page and you’ll see.  (And if you’re wondering about Facebook — I share all sorts of genealogy stuff over there.)

Be sure to read the full article in Family Tree Magazine. You’re sure to find some great new people to follow. (Or, it will confirm your choices in who you already follow!)

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but ever since hearing about this, I’ve had Garth Brooks’ “Against the Grain” stuck in my head. (Which also explains the title of this post!) Amazing how earwigs work… Apologies in advance if I just passed it along to you; hey, that’s social media. :-)