September 2015 Themes for 52 Ancestors

It’s time for the September 2015 optional themes for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. Here they are:


Week 36 (September 3-9) – Working for a Living: September 7 is Labor Day in the United States. Write about an ancestor and his or her occupation.

Week 37 (September 10-16) – Large Family. Did you know that all 10 of the most common birthdays are in September? (If you’re a chart geek like me, check out this heat map of birth date frequencies.) So let’s feature an ancestor who had a large family or who was a member of a large family.

Week 38 (September 17-23) – Favorite Place: What has been  your favorite place to research? Which ancestor came from there?

Week 39 (September 24-30) – Unusual: What is the most unusual record you’ve ever found? Or, who is the most unusual of your ancestors? (You can take that any way you want to!)

Remember, these themes are optional. They’re meant to spark ideas about who to write about; they aren’t rules you must follow.

The only rule is to enjoy the process :)

One thought on “September 2015 Themes for 52 Ancestors

  1. Schalene Dagutis

    These will be fun! I continue to adhere to the themes; they’ve been good about getting me to write about people on my tree I haven’t written about before. Thank you.

    But, my goodness, where has this year gone!


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