October 2015 Themes for 52 Ancestors

52ancestors-2015Here are the optional weekly themes for October’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks:

Week 40 (October 1-7) – October: What ancestor has a birthday or anniversary in October?

Week 41 (October 8-14) – Colorful. Everyone has at least one “colorful” ancestor. Share the story of one of yours :)

Week 42 (October 15-21) – Proud: Which ancestor did something that made you proud? Which ancestor are you proud of finding?

Week 43 (October 22-28) – Oops. An ancestor who made an “oops,” or one that you made while researching one of them. (We’ve all done it, believe me!)

Week 44 (October 29 – November 4) – Frightening: Do you have an ancestor who did something frightening or lived through a scary event? Do you have your own ghost story in the family? Now is the perfect time to share!

The weekly recaps will be posted each Thursday. Looking forward to seeing your posts!

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