More Than Their Names: William W. Tucker and Mary Ann Nixon (52 Ancestors #42 & 43)

Finding the parents of Susan Tucker Kelley required researching numerous people and paying attention to detail. If you’ve ever heard me lecture, you’ve probably picked up on my mantra of “our ancestors are more than names.” Ironically, William’s name is part of what helped me identify him.

William Tucker wasn’t just William Tucker. He was consistently shown in the records as William W. Tucker. This turned out to be a huge clue, as there was another William Tucker — William O. Tucker — who lived in Hocking County, where William W. owned land.

He wasn’t just William W. Tucker from Perry County, Ohio. He was William W. Tucker who lived in Jackson Township, Perry County, Ohio in 1840, with a household made up of a male age 20-30, a female age 15-20, a male under 5, and two females under 5. He was the William W. Tucker who bought and sold specific parcels of land in Perry and Hocking counties in the late 1830s and early 1840s.

He was the William W. Tucker who married Mary Ann Nixon in Perry County on 4 February 1836.

Mary Ann Nixon wasn’t just Mary Ann Nixon. She was the one who married William W. Tucker on 4 February 1836 in Perry County. She was the Mary Ann Nixon whose father was Robert Nixon and who had sisters named Elizabeth, Susannah, and Sarah and brothers named John, Levi, Isaac, Jonathan and Elijah.

William and Mary Ann weren’t just William and Mary Ann. They were the parents of three children: Rachel, Greenbury, and Susan.

What happened to them between 1840 and 1848, when the children were appointed guardians by the Perry County Common Pleas court? I don’t yet know. But I do know that to find them, I’ll need to keep in mind more than just their names.

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