Introducing No Story Too Small

Welcome to No Story Too Small! On this blog, you will find stories of those who came before us. Some of them will be the stories of my ancestors; others will be stories that I have stumbled across that have intrigued, amused, or puzzled me.

My goal with this blog is to show that the lives of our ancestors are more than the names, dates, and places we discover in our research.

Further, this blog will show that the story doesn’t have to be big to be important or interesting. No epic stories of ancestors who were stowaways or who survived the blizzard of century on nothing but two pieces of bacon? No worries — the more you discover about your ancestors, the better you will come to know them. And it is through the stories.

We’ll also look at records and resources that can help shed light on the stories that have been long hidden.

Life is made of stories. And remember, there is no story too small.

~~ Amy

6 thoughts on “Introducing No Story Too Small

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      Thanks, Gini! Not all of the posts will be about my ancestors, but chances are they are someone’s ancestors! Enjoy :)


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