February 2015 Themes for 52 Ancestors

It looks like the themes really helped in the first two weeks of 2015! It’s not too early to start thinking about which ancestors you’d like to write about next month. So, to spark some ideas, here are the optional themes for February:

52 Ancestors February 2015 Optional Themes

Week 6 (Feb 5-11) – So Far Away. Which ancestor is the farthest from you, either in distance or in time/generations? Which ancestor have you had to go the farthest away to research?

Week 7 (Feb 12-18) – Love. Which ancestor do you love to research? Which ancestor do you feel especially close to? Which ancestor seemed to have a lot of love? (My 3rd-great-grandmother Matilda Debolt Skinner Crossen Brown McFillen seems to fit this bill!)

Week 8 (Feb 19-25) – Good Deeds. Does this mean a generous ancestor or one you found through land records? You decide :)

Week 9 (Feb 26-Mar 4) – Close to Home. Which ancestor is the closest to where you live? Who has a story that hits “close to home”?

The weekly recaps will be posted on Thursdays; you can add your links then. I look forward to seeing your posts!

4 thoughts on “February 2015 Themes for 52 Ancestors

  1. Wendy Negley

    Here is my week 3 post. I don’t know if she was a tough woman but she had a tough life and survived it with the love and devotion of her children so that seems to qualify her!

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      Hi Wendy! You might want to leave your link (and the name of the ancestor) in a comment when we do the recap post this Thursday. (That way it will be with all of the other posts for the week.) Thanks!


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