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Relaunching Amy Johnson Crow Professional Genealogy Services

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I am happy to announce the relaunch of my website Amy Johnson Crow, Professional Genealogy Services at

If you’re in need of genealogical research, a speaker for your next event, or someone to tackle to job of writing your family’s history, I’m here to help.

What This Means for No Story Too Small

No Story Too Small is NOT going away. Neither is the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge. I’ll be blogging over here like I’ve been doing. This is simply a relaunch of my website and a refocus on providing quality genealogical services to those who need them.

I will occasionally announce my upcoming events and other projects here. Don’t worry, though. This blog isn’t going to turn into a “sales-y” site.

If you have any questions or if you are in need of any of my genealogy services, please feel free to contact me.



State of the Genealogy Industry: An Infographic

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Recently, GenealogyInTime put together their annual “state of the genealogy industry” stats, with the “Top 100 Genealogy Websites.” I have to admit that, while I tend to be a numbers geek, it can be a lot to wade through. Crestleaf took GenealogyInTime’s data and made an infographic out of it. Take a look:


Anything surprising to you?

Saving Indiana Genealogy: Social Media Outrage Is Not Enough

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Indiana flagIndiana State Librarian Jacob Speer recently announced that the proposed Indiana state budget would cut the Indiana State Library’s budget by 24% and eliminate the genealogy department. (You can read his full announcement here.)

The Indiana Genealogical Society is urging Indiana residents and non-residents alike to make their voices heard. In situations like this, we often think only of the state’s residents as having a say in the matter. However, out-of-state people need to be heard as well. We don’t have votes, but we have something else: money.

I don’t live in Indiana, but I do a fair amount of research there, including trips to the Genealogy Department at the Indiana State Library. I’m guessing that the state likes the dollars that I spend on hotels, food, shopping, and gasoline while I’m there. And I’m guessing that they like the money from all of the other out-of-state visitors as well.

Social Media Outrage Is Not Enough

Here’s the thing. The message is being passed around on Facebook, Twitter, and on various blogs. People are commenting, “liking,” and sharing the message with others. That’s all well and good. We need more people to be aware of this issue!

We can’t let our outrage end with a comment on Facebook.

We — each of us — needs to take the time and contact the appropriate people in the Indiana legislature. Indiana residents can find their legislators here and members of the House Ways and Means Committee here. If you live out of state, it is suggested that you contact Rep. Timothy Brown, the Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. (His page has contact info and a link on the left-hand side of the page to send email.)

It only takes a few minutes to make your voice heard beyond Facebook.

Here’s My Message

I sent the following message to Rep. Brown. Your message doesn’t have to be this long. I encourage you to send something. And I thank you in advance for doing so.

Dear Rep. Brown,

I am writing to you today concerning HB 1001, the Indiana State Budget. I am someone who spends time researching at the Indiana State Library (ISL). The proposed cuts to the ISL would be devastating and far-reaching.

The elimination of the Genealogy Department at the Indiana State Library would have a negative financial impact on the state of Indiana. I live in Ohio. When I come to do genealogy and local history research at the ISL, I typically spend 2 or 3 days in town. While I’m there, I stay at a hotel and eat in local restaurants. I shop. I put gas in my car before heading back to Ohio. All of that is new money in your state, and all of it goes away if there is no genealogy department at the Indiana State Library.

The ISL has materials that are unique; many of the materials are not found anywhere else and are not online. These materials fall outside of the scope of the Indiana State Museum and the Indiana Historical Bureau. The Indiana Historical Society is a private entity. The Indianapolis Public Library is a local institution and has already declared that they will not spend resources on maintaining a genealogy collection.

Having the materials currently in the ISL Genealogy Department in one place, with the knowledgeable staff at ISL, is an incredible resource for Indiana history.

Let’s be clear — the resources in the Genealogy Department are not just for finding your family history. There is local history, social history, and military history. In short, it is the history of the people of Indiana.

Indiana will be celebrating its bicentennial in 2016. I have heard state officials talk about encouraging people to “come home to Indiana.” How ironic  and how tragic it would be if they were to come home, only to find that the history of their state — their history — is gone.

I urge you to restore funding to the Indiana State Library and preserve the Genealogy Department. The dollars spent on the Genealogy Department have a positive financial impact on the state of Indiana in bringing in out-of-state people such as myself. It is also vitally important that the people of Indiana be able to discover their state’s rich history.

Thank you.

Major Changes to the Genealogy Dept. at Columbus Metropolitan Library

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If you’re planning on doing any genealogy or local history research at the Columbus Metropolitan Library after February 1, take notice. The Genealogy and Local History department is going to be closed starting February 1 until sometime in April when they will reopen in a temporary facility in Whitehall (about 15-20 minutes east of downtown). Materials in the temporary facility will be limited. (See details below.)

UPDATE (30 March): The Local History and Genealogy Department will reopen at the former Whitehall branch, 4371 E. Broad St., on April 20. The materials are packed and will NOT be available during the OGS conference.

This is from an email I just received from the Columbus Metropolitan Library (emphasis added):

From Columbus Metropolitan Library:

We’re transforming Main Library to create a 21st century library for you. The renovation begins Feb. 1, 2015 and you’ll see significant changes to our Local History & Genealogy services.

The Local History & Genealogy division at Main Library will close on February 1. Staff will be available for phone and email reference (

Local History & Genealogy services will reopen in April at a temporary location in the former Whitehall Branch at 4371 E. Broad St., once the new Whitehall Branch at 4445 E. Broad St. opens to the public.

Full Local History & Genealogy services will be back and better than ever once the transformation of Main Library is complete in August 2016.

What you need to know:

The Collection

We’re digitizing portions of our collection so they will be available online.

The entire map collection will be available online. No physical maps will be available at the temporary location.

Columbus local history and Ohio genealogy books will be available and the collection of physical books will be smaller at the temporary location. Call or check the catalog before you visit.

The rest of the collection will be stored and returned to the shelves when services move back to Main Library after the renovation.


Microfilm will be unavailable until Local History & Genealogy services reopen at the temporary Whitehall location in April.

Only microfilm of Columbus genealogy records, the Columbus Dispatch and other Columbus newspapers will be available at the temporary location.

The rest will be available through a request process:

  • Requests for microfilm must be made at the temporary Local History & Genealogy Whitehall location.
  • The requested microfilm will be pulled from storage at Main Library and sent to the Whitehall location.
  • You will be called when the requested microfilm is available to be viewed at the Whitehall location.

Main Library’s Local History & Genealogy staff will be at the temporary Whitehall location, ready to help you with all of your research needs.

Visit our website for up-to-date information.

"An enhanced front plaza will greet customers along Grant Ave." Image courtesy of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

“An enhanced front plaza will greet customers along Grant Ave.” Image courtesy of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.