52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 7 Recap

52ancestors-week7It’s hard to believe that we’re already at Week 7.

I would like to apologize to those whose posts I missed last week. It’s no excuse, but I had a hard time keeping up while I was at RootsTech. Hopefully I have them all this week.

Michelle Rasmussen followed up on a tiny clue and found more about her great-aunt who was rumored to have flown in WWII. Pam shares an extraordinary letter that her grandmother’s adopted sister received from the biological sister she had never met. Eileen Souza has some excellent advice in “How I Found Margaret McGinn Noble’s Family.”

Taking the title “Ancestor With the Longest Name” this week is Juli D. Quinteros de Hernandez and her grandmother “Beulah Mae Houston Russell Quinteros Russell Hancock Johnson Kaufman.”

My contribution was “Came to a Fiery End: John Ramsey, 1860-1941.”

And with that, it’s on to the posts:


12 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 7 Recap

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      You’re welcome! There have been some bloggers who have made connections with cousins (sometimes with other bloggers!), so keep checking!

  1. thewordspinner

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve posted a new blog in Skeletons In The Closet called Mary Was A Madam.

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      Thanks for letting me know! If you want to make it easy on yourself, just include “52 Ancestors” somewhere in the title of the post and you won’t need to leave a comment here for me to know what you’ve written for the Challenge.

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