52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 45 Recap

52ancestors-week45Cold and snow are hitting much of the U.S. right now. I can’t say that I’m thrilled about that. But I suppose that means that we should all stay inside and do more writing! (You should also do some reading — lots of good posts last week!)

A few days ago, I posted a survey asking for your opinion on doing 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks again in 2015. If you haven’t already, please take a moment and let me know your thoughts.

Last week, I highlighted my third-great-grandfather Philip Mason, who was a Civil War veteran. His pension file surprised me.

Who did you write about this past week? Leave a link in the comments below.

40 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 45 Recap

  1. Elizabeth Wilson Ballard

    Three posts in honor of Veteran’s Day:

    Thomas JOHNSON, Almost a Veteran

    George W. TAGUE – Union Captain and Doctor in the Civil War

    My Veteran Ancestors

  2. Jo Henn

    BENNETT, Andrew (1858- 1925) Canada East to Michigan, USA, my great grandfather

    I’m still behind (Andew is #42) bur I think I’m fine with that and will just keep plugging away as I can.

  3. Pam Schaffner

    CLAYTON, John Jr. (1795-1876)


    LEIGHTON, George (1727-1807)


    BRACKLEY, John C. (1818-1897)


    BUSTIN, Thomas Herman (1881-1950)



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