52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 39 Recap

52ancestors-week39Week 39. Let that number sink in for a moment. Its meaning might not be as obvious as “26” was, but Week 39 is a milestone. We have now completed 3/4 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge!

Whether you’ve been doing it since the beginning or just started…  Whether you’ve done 39 posts or have missed a few weeks…  Give yourself a hand! No matter where you are in the Challenge, here’s what I have to say:

Anything you’ve written is more than what you had before you started!

My contribution this past week was my troublemaker great-great-grandmother Ann Stephens Johnson.

Leave a link to your post in the comments below. (Reminder: leave a link to that post, not your blog in general.) Also, there was lots of good reading from Week 38 – make sure you check that out!

Happy blogging!

We are 3/4 of the way there!

We are 3/4 of the way there!

44 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 39 Recap

  1. Vera Marie Badertscher

    Although I have not missed a week of telling stories, I have missed entering them here. Good excuse, I was visiting ancestors sites with some relatives. We are descendended from the Howe family of tavern owners, whose original 1716 tavern is now Longfellow’s Wayside Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts. While I was on the road, I posted the following:

    #36: David HOWE, the serious, quiet one. http://ancestorsinaprons.com/2014/09/52-ancestors-36-david-howe/

    #37: Samuel HOWE, the wheeler dealer, whom I call the Donald Trump of Puritan New England. http://ancestorsinaprons.com/2014/09/52-ancestors-wheeler-dealer-samuel-howe/

    #38: John HOWE, the first arrival, first Howe to run a tavern, one of the founders of Sudury and of Marlborough, MA. http://ancestorsinaprons.com/2014/09/52-ancestors-first-howe-tavern-keeper-38-john-howe-pioneer/

    #39: Jerusha HOWE, Spinster lady who is said to haunt a room at the Wayside Inn. I slept in that room!! http://ancestorsinaprons.com/2014/09/jerusha-howe-ghost-wayside-inn/

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