52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 17 Recap

52ancestors-week17Our thoughts this week are certainly with the people who have been affected by the storms in the South. Not only is it a reminder of how unpredictable (and short) life can be, but it should also make us think about our own disaster preparedness. Yet more interviews in the wake of the storm with survivors saying, “My pictures are gone.”

On to Week 17 of the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge…

Verybeth shares the story of her mother’s aunt who did what she could to preserve a bit of “Swiss German” heritage in Berne, Indiana and the grad student who took an interest in it. (And now I’m interested!) Schalene Dagutis shows how a clue pertaining to a birthplace led her to discover the identity of her “Mysterious Alice B.” How can I pass up highlighting Lorine McGinnis Schulze’s post, when the title contains the phrase “Axe-Wielding Neighbor“?

My contribution this week was one of my Quaker ancestors, my 4th-great-grandmother Rachel Moore of Sadsbury Monthly Meeting.

One thought on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 17 Recap

  1. Hilary

    Your intro re those who suffered from the latest storms, and their comments on losing their photos, has prompted me to tell you what I do – just in case it is of some help to someone else.
    I have at least two back ups of all my photos on external disk drives. One of those drives is kept upstairs, another downstairs – I could probably grab them in an emergency.
    But I also invested some time in uploading them all to Photobucket.com. It is only this year, a good couple of thousand of photos in, that I have had to start paying for extra storage space, and the amount is minimal. It is worth it for the peace of mind – I know that even if I lost my home and absolutely everything in it, I would still have my photos. (Of course, there are other online storage solutions, Photobucket just happens to be the one I use.)

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