52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 40 Recap

52ancestors-2015-40Week 40?! How did that happen?!

The optional weekly theme for Week 40 was “October.” Do you have any October birthdays or anniversaries in your family?

Leave a comment with a link to your 52 Ancestors blog post (whether or not you used the optional theme). And go back to Week 39 for some great reading!

Upcoming Optional Weekly Themes:

  • Week 41 (October 8-14) – Colorful.
  • Week 42 (October 15-21) – Proud
  • Week 43 (October 22-28) – Oops
  • Week 44 (October 29 – November 4) – Frightening


29 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 40 Recap

  1. Patti Di Loreto

    ARRINGTON – I chose to feature my 4th Great Grandfather, Dr. Anthony S. Arrington who was born on 11 Oct 1806 in NC. Since I don’t know much about his life – yet – I followed his trail west as well as featured books, a couple of articles and websites about 19th century doctors and medicine. My Pinterest Board address here:


    I have a partial list of names that I’m researching on my Ancestry profile page. If you are on Ancestry, click “membership directory” under the search bar and search for: pattidi123

    1. Vera Marie Badertscher

      Darn you Patti! I came to this page to enter this week’s post and when I saw yours I had to follow it to Pinterest, and then follow links–and here I am half an hour or more later and I still haven’t entered my own post! I’m blaming it all on you.
      I also have a 19th century doctor Great-grandfather, but he was an eclectic physician–close to what we call naturalist today. It was a huge movement in the 19th century (and there were other offshoots of main stream medicine since everything was in such a state of flux with the science), so if you could find out where your Dr. Arrington went to school, you could determine what philosophy of medicine he followed.
      Seriously, though, thanks for some valuale references. (If you want to learn about eclectic medicine, do a search at Ancestors in Aprons for that or “Doc Stout” “Dr. William Stout”.)

      1. Patti Di Loreto

        You are too funny Vera! I can top that, I got so engrossed looking through your blog earlier; my son popped his head in the door and said, “Mom, are we going to have dinner tonight?” Oops! I started with Dr. Stout and just kept going! How wonderful that you have his certificates, license, etc. I really have enjoyed reading through some of the stories, information and recipes you’ve shared in your blog. I also love the pictures you’ve posted, they’re just wonderful – what treasures to have! Will certainly be visiting your site often in the future.
        I had not even thought about different philosophies of medicine in that time period – I will definitely see if I can find out further information about my doctor’s schooling. You’ve gotten my curiosity up! Thank you for the suggestion!
        Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

  2. Vera Marie Badertscher

    We have quite a few October dates in our immediate family–both birthdays and deaths. But lucky for me the family I wanted to write about this month starts with a man who was born on October 30. His name is Adam, but I’m starting with his father, Daniel. (I know, Adam should come first, right?) Anyhow, a couple of interesting discoveries about the Bair family–the branch that proved my husband is not 100% Swiss as he always thought.

    BAIR, Daniel Manbeck


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