52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 25 Recap

52ancestors-2015-25This is a quick recap post, as real life has eaten into many of my activities.

The optional theme this week was “The Old Homestead.” Who did this theme make you think of?

Of course, it’s fine to not use the theme (it is optional!)

Who did you write about, whether you used the theme or not? Leave a comment with a link to your post and a little bit about your ancestor in the comments below.

Next Week’s Theme

The optional weekly theme is “Halfway.” It seems appropriate for Week 26, the halfway point of the 52 Ancestors 2015 challenge!

36 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 25 Recap

  1. Wendy Negley

    I wrote about my Grandfather’s Grandmother. He had found the house she was born in when he visited Sweden in 1957. When my sister visited last year, the house was no longer standing.

  2. pen4hire


    Following last week’s story about the accidental death of Cornelius Kaser, this week I wrote about how his wife became the head of household and ran the farm. It loosely fits the homestead theme, although other stories I’ve written with pictures of houses fit better ( and I invite you to look for those), I wanted to continue my exploration of my father’s aunts, uncles and cousins.


  3. Beth Gatlin

    BOE – Week 25 “The Old Homestead”: Jorgen Pedersen Boe

    I found my 3rd-great-grandfather’s land patent, which I had previously missed! I also found a plat map which shows the location of his land.


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