Amy’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

Here are links to my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks (2015):

  1. Stephen Amos Hibbs: Bridge Burner, Literally
  2. Mary Ann King Murnahan: The Bare Bones of a Life
  3. Amanda Wilson Lowers: A Raw-Boned Female
  4. Addie Sarah Kelley: The Maiden Aunt
  5. Mary Vaughn McKitrick: Cause of Death, Unknown
  6. John Douglass: So Far Away
  7. Eber Johnson and the Effects of War
  8. Mary and Rebecca Ramsey and the Good Deed of Their Father
  9. Tommy Young: The Cousin I Couldn’t Know
  10. Peeking in the House of the Widow Kelley
  11. James Orr: Possible Irish Connection
  12. How the Minister Gave Answers: Amy Skinner
  13. Robert Young (with #14 below)
  14. Great-Grandma Young Wasn’t Always Old: Clara Mason Young 
  15. How Do You Spell That? Laurestine Dinsmoor Debolt
  16. The Oldest Man in the County: Peter Kingery
  17. Uncle Harold Young and the Invisible Wheelchair
  18. Robert Darling: Unmarried, But Key to My Family Tree

Here are links to my 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks (2014):

  1. Adah Young Johnson (1904-1979)
  2. Melzena Kelly Ramsey, A Life of Loss
  3. George Debolt, Old School Baptist Minister
  4. I Think My Ancestor Was in ZZ Top (Thomas Andrew Young)
  5. Ella (Steele) Young, The Original Groupie?
  6. The Grandfather I Barely Knew: Ralph F. Ramsey, 1907-1984
  7. Came to a Fiery End: John Ramsey, 1860-1941
  8. The Family Scattered, But He Stayed Still: George Skinner, 1841-1920
  9. Retaliation on the Ohio Frontier: John McClelland
  10. A Quick Look at Mary Deffenbaugh Danison, 1796-1888
  11. An Enigma Wrapped With a Bow: Clara Mason Young
  12. Breaking the Mold of the Hidden Woman: Elizabeth Peden Ramsey
  13. Fleeing the War? James R. Steele, 1827-1902
  14. John Johnson. Yes, really.
  15. Decent Enough to Die in a Timely Manner: William H. Skinner
  16. I Don’t Really Know You: John Hibbs of West Virginia
  17. Dear Friends: Rachel Moore of Sadsbury Monthly Meeting
  18. The Twist in the Tree: Martha Harris Orr Starkey
  19. Oh My Darlin’ Mary Darling
  20. Linton Johnson: Big Hands and Big Man
  21. Margaret Priscilla Kingery: A Lesson in Names
  22. Abisha Danison: I Just Love the Name
  23. Isaac McKitrick
  24. Margaret (Morrison) McKitrick (Note: combined with Isaac above)
  25. How I Attended My 3rd-Great-Grandparents’ Wedding: David Stephen(s)
  26. How I Attended My 3rd-Great-Grandparents’ Wedding: Rebecca Dickinson Stephen(s) (Note: combined with David above)
  27. Great-Grandpa Was Inked! Robert Young
  28. That Little Troublemaker: Ann Stephens Johnson
  29. Lavada Jane McKitrick Mason: Estranged From Her Daughter?
  30. Edward Winfield Starkey: What a Name
  31. Was John Kelley Really a Dirt Farmer?
  32. Philip Mason: Civil War Vet… and Ladies Man?
  33. Martha Hibbs: The First Wife
  34. Peter Starkey: Living Just Below the Radar
  35. William Orr: Proof of Murphy’s Law
  36. Eber Mason: A Tale of Two Ebers
  37. Samuel Elliot Ramsey: My Surprising Shepherd
  38. Charlotte Danison Ramsey: The Two Missing Children
  39. Henry Kingery: The Spelling Lesson
  40. How I Found My Orphaned Milkmaid: Susan Tucker Kelley
  41. Am I Here Because of Dried Beef? Joseph Dickinson
  42. More Than Their Names: William W. Tucker
  43. More Than Their Names: Mary Ann Nixon (Note: Combined with William above)
  44. Robert Nixon: The Will to Learn
  45. Matilda Debolt: Waltzing Matilda or Merry Widow?
  46. Charity Courson: Phantom Ancestor
  47. An Overlooked Couple: John Starkey
  48. An Overlooked Couple: Mary Monroe (Note: Combined with John Starkey above)
  49. Nancy Dillon Kingery: 1842 Was a Rough Year
  50. Susan Orr Skinner: A Lesson in Family Dynamics
  51. Stanley Johnson: The Grandfather I Mostly Remember
  52. Della Starkey Ramsey: The Grandmother I Never Met

5 thoughts on “Amy’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      Welcome, Jeanette! Just be sure to include “52 Ancestors” somewhere in the title of your articles so that I can find them for the weekly recap.

  1. Sharon Hanson

    I am a D.A.R. Member and descendent of
    his son, ~ Rhodolphus Stanhope & Susan (Susannah) Hickey;
    ~ their son, ~ Rudolphus Stanhope & Charlotte Leighton;
    ~ their daughter, ~ Cordelia ‘Dealy’ Anne Stanhope & James Stuart; ~ their daughter,
    ~ Elizabeth ‘Liza’ Jane Stuart & Charles Augustus Nadeau; their daughter, ~ Frances Elizabeth Nadeau & James Oliver Causey;
    ~ their daughter,
    ~ Marjorie ‘Joan’ Causey &
    Walter Harrison McMillion, ~ to me.

    I look forward to learning how we are related! (I’ve only been doing this for a few years,)


    Sharon Hanson


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