Of Bowling and Visiting Family

bowl-signI come from a family of serious bowlers. Mom, Dad, my aunt, and uncle had a team that bowled on Sunday nights for years. Dad bowled in several leagues. (In fact, he asked that Mom try to have me on a night that wouldn’t conflict with one of his bowling nights. I’m not sure if I complied with that request!) My cousins were also serious bowlers, some of whom competed in traveling leagues during their teenage years.

My cousin Kevin was going to bowl in a weekend tournament in Louisville, Kentucky. This was a decent drive from our hometown of Columbus, Ohio, but definitely “do-able.” Our grandma, the dear, sweet lady that she was, got very excited when she heard that my aunt, uncle, and cousin were going to Louisville.

“Oh! While you’re down there, you can visit your brother Ronnie!” she told my uncle Alfred.

Nice idea, except that my uncle Ronnie lived in Fort Myers, Florida.

Grandma was a dear, sweet lady, but she was a bit geographically challenged. When someone in the family is traveling to Kentucky, we still joke that they should go down and visit uncle Ronnie.

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  1. thegenealogygirl

    I love that! My grandma was the opposite. She had maps in her head. My uncle and his family lived in Japan for four months and during that time there was some sort of major natural disaster. There wasn’t power for a few days. My uncle was concerned his mother would be worrying. When he was finally able to call her to let her know they were safe she said, “Oh, I wasn’t worried. I knew you were x miles away from the {insert whatever disaster here}. Everyone keeps calling me to see if you were hurt but I knew you were safe.” Isn’t funny how different we all are!


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