52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 51 Recap

52ancestors-week51Penultimate: (adjective) occurring immediately before the last one; next to the last.1)Merriam-webster.com, viewed 26 December 2014.

Welcome to the penultimate recap of the 2014 edition of 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks! It’s been a crazy week, between the holidays and trying to fit in the remaining posts in this year’s challenge. Here are my posts (yes, posts) from this past week:

The next weekly recap will be posted next Wednesday, December 31. Have you thought about who you’re going to write about in 2015? Here are some prompts to get you thinking.

Please leave a link to your post(s) from this week in the comments below. And be sure to check out the great posts from last week. It’s a good way to unwind from all of the holiday happenings!

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1. Merriam-webster.com, viewed 26 December 2014.

32 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 51 Recap

  1. pen4hire

    NICHOLAS, St. (aka Claus, Santa)


    A little Christmas fable to end my year of 52 Ancestors. Although the relationship to the Saint is tenuous, the story does involve ancestors (and others).

    I’m curious what is happening next week, since it is still December and the 52 Challenge for 2014 is officially ended. I will take a look and see you next year. Happy New Year from me and my ancestors.

  2. Karen BA

    I too have written about couples for my last 2 posts as I have no information on anyone prior to their marriages.
    52 Ancestors Week #51
    KENDALL, William John and Elizabeth, my Paternal 3rd Great-Grandparents, a challenge to trace.


  3. Cheryl Biermann Hartley

    Hello! I am still here, but have not left my posts here in the comments for months. I have been behind, but still plan to finish on time. Here are the last four that I’ve finished. I guess I will backtrack and add each one to the appropriate weeks. I have four left to write. YAY!!!!

    KESSLER – Unknown Kessler 2x Great-Grandfather – Name Found! – 52 Ancestors #45 http://wp.me/p4ioO6-7x

    HAENERT – Friederike Emilie Haehnert – A Secret Kept for 156 Years – 52 Ancestors #46 http://wp.me/p4ioO6-7B

    VON BORA – Katharina Von Bora – My 11x Great-Grandmother Was a Runaway Nun – 52 Ancestors #47 http://wp.me/p4ioO6-7O

    WALTON – Margaret “Maggie” Miranda Walton – Our Link to Founding Colonial Families – 52 Ancestors #48 http://wp.me/p4ioO6-7U

  4. tammy

    KNUDSEN – Søren Knudsen (1820-1877) #52 Ancestors, my week #33 http://thestoriesfoundamongtheleaves.blogspot.com/2014/12/52-ancestors-week-33-searching-for-my.html

    OLESDATTER or OLESEN – Ane Marie Olesdatter or Olesen (1822-1887) #52 Ancestors, my week #34 http://thestoriesfoundamongtheleaves.blogspot.com/2014/12/52-ancestors-week-34-searching-for-my.html

    *** I haven’t added pictures of the documents yet, but as I am quite late adding these for the recap, I decided to add that part later.

  5. tammy

    JACOBSEN – Ole Christen Jacobsen (1799-1876) #52 Ancestors, my week #35 http://thestoriesfoundamongtheleaves.blogspot.com/2014/12/52-ancestors-week-35-searching-for-my.html

    SøRENSDATTER – Ane Dorthea Sørensdatter (1790-1859) #52 Ancestors, my week #36 http://thestoriesfoundamongtheleaves.blogspot.com/2014/12/52-ancestors-week-36-searching-for-my.html

    *** Like I mentioned in my previous comment, I have yet to add photos of the documentation to these posts. I will do that portion tomorrow or the following day.

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