52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 49 Recap

52ancestors-week49As we get closer to the holidays, are you still blogging? It’s easy to get caught up in all of the “busy-ness” of the season. It’s also the perfect time to make the time to remember and reflect on those wonderful family stories. I do hope you’re recording yours.

Last week, I wrote about two of my ancestors:

Leave a link to your latest 52 Ancestors post in the comments below. Also take a look at the ones from Week 48. Happy blogging!

43 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 49 Recap

  1. pen4hire

    In answer to your question–are you still blogging? I set a precedent with my other blog, which has been running for nearly 6 years, of shutting down from just before Christmas to January 2 or 3, and do the same with Ancestors in Aprons. That means, I’m writing things ahead so that I will indeed have 52 Ancestors before the year is out. In fact today I published #50.

  2. Kathy (The Down East Genealogist)

    KIRK – #45, Whatever Happened to Chester L. Kirk?

    McINTYRE – #46, Angus McIntyre, Immigrant From the Outer Hebrides

    McLELLAN – #47, John and Alexander McLellan, Father and Son from the Hebrides

    ST CYR – #48, Marie Pauline (St. Cyr) Robidas

  3. Jo Henn

    GREGOR, Benjamin, #46 (1824 – 1880) Midlothian, Scotland to Pulinch, Wellington, [now Ontario], Canada


    TAYLOR, Elizabeth #47 (1834 – before 1880), born at sea to Pulinch, Wellington, [now Ontario], Canada

  4. Maeve Mitchell

    I’ve been doing homework for my genealogy class at UW so I haven’t been able to blog but I just wanted to tell Amy – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. My Dad had a half sister that he never met or knew – after he died I was going to try and visit her while on a cross country trip but she died a month before we left. I knew she had two sons and I knew their names but I couldn’t find them. One of them just contacted me through my blog after he found it with an internet search looking for family. He is thrilled that is has finally found some family on his grandfather’s side and I am so happy to have a new first cousin! Without Amy and this idea she had last January this never would have happened!

    (My last 8 posts will get done – and a hope a few will be posted by the end of the year.)

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      Thank you for the kind words, Maeve! I am so glad that you have found your cousin!! Thanks so much for sharing your story — it really brightened my day.

  5. Pam Schaffner

    JORDAN – #44 Moses H. Jordan (1814?-?) at Digging Down East


    SEAVEY – #45 Harriett Elizabeth (1847?-1925) at Digging Down East


    INGALLS – #46 Charles L. Ingalls (1839-1864) at Digging Down East


    BUSTIN – #47 Suther Ross Bustin (1908-1990) at Digging Down East


    LEIGHTON – #48 Mark Samuel Leighton (1885-1970) at Digging Down East


    HAMILTON – #49 Peter Suther Hamilton (1852-1929) at Digging Down East


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