52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 43 Recap

52ancestors-week43We’ll keep this short and sweet. It’s the Week 43 recap, so enter your link to your post from this past week in the comments below.

BTW, be sure to go back and look at the posts from Week 42 — lots of good reading there!


45 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 43 Recap

  1. pen4hire

    BASSETT, William

    Leading up to Thanksgiving, I am telling the stories of the descendents of my Pilgrim ancestor, the first William Bassett to arrive in North America. The family is full of Williams and this week I did #42 and #43, both William Bassetts, one with a propensity to marry MUCH younger women. (I doubled up so that Halloween week, I can tell a ghost story. Oooooo.)
    Today I’m researching a possible witch in the family. Appropriate, no?

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      Sounds good to me! (Though I think the spookiest thing right now is this weather!)

  2. Schalene Dagutis

    Finally finding the 1841 census record for my 3X great grandfather has led to…

    Questions, Questions Questions
    MUIR, Robert (c1800-1869)

    Many people list him on their trees as being born in 1803 in Flemington, Scotland, but this is NOT correct. The 1841 census said he was foreign born and the 1861 census said he was born in Ireland, and…I believe I have found and index record for his birth on IrelandRoots.

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