52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 41 Recap

52ancestors-week41As we move closer and closer to the holiday season, it will be easy to allow our blogging to take a back seat. Don’t do what I did before I went on vacation back in June! I didn’t plan ahead :( I took “a short break” from blogging, which ended up being a much longer break than I anticipated. (I’m still trying to get “caught up” on my own challenge!) Don’t let this happen to you!

Do more writing now while you still have the chance. But don’t publish it all now. Schedule your posts for publishing later. You know what will happen? You’ll see comments come in, so you’ll still interact with your blog even when you’re not writing. I believe that seeing your blog and interacting with those who made comments will make it easier to get back in the swing of things when your schedule becomes less chaotic. That’s my theory, anyway…

Last week, I wrote about Lavada Jane McKitrick Mason, my great-great-grandmother, and speculated on whether there was a rift between her and one of her daughters. Take a look and see what you think.

Also be sure to look at the other posts from last week’s recap.

For this week, leave your link in the comments below. Happy blogging!

47 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 41 Recap

  1. Schalene Dagutis

    Effie Davis (BEARD) Jennings (1871-1906)
    The Mother Nobody Knew

    I lamented not having a photo of my great grandmother or knowing what her life was like. When my second cousin read it, she sent me photographs of my great grandparents, Charles Edward and Effie Davis (Beard) Jennings.


    It never hurts to beg for more information. 😉

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      When you’re looking at your blog, click on the title of a post. That will take you to a page that is *only* that post. The URL for that page will always take people directly to it. Copy and paste that one.

    1. pen4hire

      If you were on WordPress, you could use a plug in called editorial calendar, which really makes my life a lot easier, since I do two different blogs, and tend to forget what I have scheduled. Of course you can always use a paper or on-line calendar, and plug in the working titles of what you intend to write about ahead of time. I have been pursuing one line for several weeks, which makes the progression logical. Great-grandmother/father to great-great, to great-great-great, etc. etc.


  2. Jo Henn

    Catching up still. May be more behind next week as I’ve been locked out of Ancestry for several days now. Their IT & Support are working on it. I’m trying to be patient.

    SHARP, William R. (1829-??After 1901) # 39. — It’s complicated (or it was to me).

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