52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 40 Recap

52ancestors-week40Ok everyone, we’re getting really close now! Week 40!

Now that the end is getting to be in sight, have you planned out your last few posts?

By the way, in case you’ve wondered, that light at the end of the tunnel is the end and not an oncoming train :-)

Leave a link to your latest posts in the comments below. Also, be sure to check out the posts from Week 39!

55 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 40 Recap

      1. jinsalaco2013

        I was afraid to ask! My house has been a train wreck this year… I’m already thinking I’m going to have withdrawals after being on this roller coaster writing spree this year.

  1. Brenna G.

    LATHAM — “James Harvey Latham, Survived the Battle of Shiloh” on Green Family Archives

  2. Beth Gatlin

    I have actually been planning out my posts for a long time; there were many ancestors that I knew I definitely wanted to write about. There are still some ancestors (and collateral relatives) on the “to do” list, and they will be covered in many of the remaining posts.

    This week’s post is about my paternal grandfather’s first cousin. When I started my research, I did not know that she existed. But what a story she had!

    GRAY – #40 Louise Margaret Gray


  3. robertajestes

    Amy – I really hope you’ll continue the series next year. I think it has been a wonderful motivation to get this done and I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. New people can start and those of us who have more than 52 can keep going!!! People are finding these posts. They work. Today, I even received that decades-elusive photo of my great-grandfather – a picture of a man I thought I’d never see. All because of the 52 ancestors series.

  4. Simon Bird

    I am up to week 38 and have written about Leslie Bird who was in both World Wars and chairman of the local British Legion in between.
    I have a feeling that I am going to extend the project as
    a) I have loads more stories I would like to tell not to mention the fact I haven’t done any on my wife’s tree which I am also researching…… it was initially done as a record of our family for the kids but seems to be interesting to others as well, and
    b) I am quite enjoying doing the research and writing it up

  5. Jo Henn

    I don’t plan much ahead since I am both a beginning family historian and a beginning blogger. I pretty much research each person I write about in the week before I post about them. I am trying to post a representative sample of the branches of the family (for me that means going up from my four grandparents) so I have to switch to my father’s mother’s family soon.

    I’m still a little behind.

    SHARP, #37 William (1789 – 1871) and #38 Sarah [??] (1793-1882) — Who They Aren’t

  6. Maeve Mitchell

    TUCKER – #40 Elva Rosalie Tucker – And Now the Rest of the Story


    I am going to be hard pressed to get the last few posts done now that I am going back to school one night a week for 9 months (getting a Certificate in Genealogy and Family History from the University of Washington!) I was just looking at my blog wondering what to call next year’s posts – I won’t be able to do one a week but I do want to do more!

  7. Wendy Negley

    Hi! I accepted your challenge but haven’t known how to reach you until now. Am I ahead? I just did ancestor #41! Here is the link:

    I am really enjoying telling the stories and my sister and kids say they really like that, too. More interesting to most people than the usual genealogy data.

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