52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 23 Recap

52ancestors-week23Due to an extensive travel schedule this week and next, I will not be compiling this week’s 52 Ancestors recap. Please leave a link to your post from the week of June 4-10 in the comments below.

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  1. Karen

    Charles Wittmus – my oldest emigrant – http://vorfahrensucher.de/wbcwittmuess/

    This ist my first post on 52 Ancestors Challenge and it is written in German. Many of my ancestors emigrated to the States and so seems logical, that I start this challenge with writing about them. Please use the translator I added on the right side bar, thank you!
    You find the story behind my research: http://vorfahrensucher.de/vorfahren/insel-rugen/auswanderer/ (will be continued)

    Have a nice vacation!

    1. Karen

      sorry forgot to say – the above posts are my grandfathers in honour of Father’s Day week. Harold Ewart Cockburn and William Bird Churchill.

  2. Aymee

    Enjoy your travels! I missed week 22. It was on my great, great grandmother Ida B. Haase Kutz from Gross Runhow, HinterPommern to Chicago, IL. Here is the link: http://myancestorsleaves.blogspot.com/2014/06/52-ancestors-challenge-ida-b-haase-born.html

    My week 23 post was on my great grandmother’s brother, Grover William Locke, born 1885 Arkansas to Texas then Oklahoma. Here is the link: http://myancestorsleaves.blogspot.com/2014/06/52-ancestors-challenge-where-is-grover.html

  3. Charity Johnson

    You should see Post #22 (part 1 of Phebe Willets’ 2 parter) under last weeks comments.
    Here is part 2 – where I pick up on her again-getting her entire Quaker Meeting in Old Westbury to give up their slaves, which for her was a matter of conscience against her religion. But it sure hurt the pocketbook for others.

    Post #23 – Phebe Willets 1st Person to Manumit Slave Old Westbury, Long Island–and Gets the Ball Rollin’! (part 2 of 2)

    Phebe Willets remained dynamic and formidable person into her 70’s. Partly at her urging, the Long Island Quakers manumitted
    their slaves.


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