52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 20 Recap

52ancestors-week20We’re up to Week 20! How are you doing with the Challenge? Are you finding it easier as the weeks go on or is it getting more challenging?

This week, Pam shares a wonderfully romantic elopement. Cheryl wonder if a man in her family tree left one family to start another.

My contribution this week was my great-grandfather Linton Alfred Johnson.

3 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 20 Recap

  1. Denise Hibsch Richmond

    The challenge is “challenging” at times but it would help if I wrote shorter posts. My family’s interest in my blog has increased significantly because of the challenge! For post #20, I invited them to contribute to a birthday tribute. They enjoyed reading everybody else’s memories of grandma. Thanks, Amy, for creating the challenge!

  2. grandsonofsam

    I know this is hard work for you and I appreciate it. I enjoy scanning the lists for common surnames and reading the interesting blogs here. Thanks again Amy.

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