52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 2 Recap

52 Ancestors in 52 WeeksAnother great week in the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge! Lots of incredible stories, including Kyla’s post about a tragedy in the Schrader family that led to more than a thousand people at a funeral.

More people started their very first blogs: Judy Phillips started “Little Bits of Roots & Branches, ” Michele Kemper started “Shake Your Family Tree,” and Michelle started “My Family History.”

Because some people didn’t start until after the Week 1 recap was posted, this recap will have entries that are labeled with different weeks. (I thought it would be easier to combine them into one list, rather than break them up by week.)

Weekly recaps will run from Wednesday through Tuesday at 8:00pm Eastern. (2014 started on a Wednesday, so it seems to make some sense.)

Note: There are currently 212 blogs that I’m tracking for this in Feedly (my current favorite blog reader). To increase the odds of me seeing your post, include the phrase “52 Ancestors” in the title of the post. Thanks!


32 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 2 Recap

  1. Helen Holshouser

    Thank you so much for including me in your replay! 212 blogs! We are so lucky you are a librarian who knows how to catalogue well! I am enjoying this so very much, and feel like its opening a whole new world of other genealogists, amateur or not, to get to know! Its very exciting to make the connections! Helen http://heartofasounternwoman.wordpress.com

    1. Niki Davis

      I agree, Helen! This is a great project and I’m so glad we get to see what everyone is writing about. I’m amazed that 212 of us are participating. Love it!

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      Pam — I’ll have it in next week’s recap. I have to keep the cutoff as Tuesday evening, otherwise I will be continually adding to the list. (And then people will miss posts because they’ve already looked at the weekly recap and didn’t go back to see any additions.)

  2. Gwen

    Excited to see all the newest posts in the recap! Thanks for including mine there as well. Cannot wait to read through all of these and see if I can find any hidden cousins 😉

  3. Larry Sanburg

    Boy, Amy, you sure loaded up your plate with this one. If everyone keeps posting and more get added each week this will become insane! Your week as Wed through Tue does make sense and I’ll be posting on Friday to make this into “Fifty Two Ancestor Friday”.

  4. Aymee Lubinski

    212! That’s awesome!! Thank you so much for adding my story about my grandmother Tennie Belle Holcomb!! I finished my second post yesterday on my great-grandmother Wilhelmina Albertina Johannson, and found additional info I didn’t know before!! I believe this challenge is going to help me uncover even more!! Thanks for that too!!

  5. Vera Marie Badertscher

    That is a very impressive number of blogs that have joined your challenge. Congratulations on hitting a point of interest with so many people! I’m happy to be taking part, and at this point, somewhat amazed that I’m not seeing any of the many, many names in my family tree on the list.

  6. ScotSue

    Thank you, Amy, for coming up with such an appealing challenge and not least for the not inconsiderable work in giving us a list of participants. I have taken part in a number of challenges before and find it frustrating when no link is provided t to other participants who are not on my reading list. . So I do appreciate what you are doing and wish you luck in keeping up with the pace!

  7. tammy

    Thank you again for sharing this idea. Beyond reading what other’s share, I am excited to see which stories I will find and share over the next year. It’s wonderful that so many are taking the challenge.

  8. Linda Little

    I received a comment last night on my week #3 post from Sigrid Bjorkland’s great grandnephew!! So happy that she found her family! Thank you!!!!

  9. Aymee Lubinski

    Hi Amy,

    I’m new to this blogging stuff. Do we need to comment on each post we do for you to include it in your weekly recap? Or does it come up automatically because you’re tracking them on Feedly? I’ve never done this before. If we are to post each week, I’ve finished my week 3 post on my blind gg-grandfather Francis Marion Lock(e). The link to this post is http://myancestorsleaves.blogspot.com/2014/01/52ancestors-challenge-week-3-i-am-blind.html.

    Thanks for taking on this great challenge!!

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      You don’t need to leave a comment. As long as I have your blog listed on the “Blogs Participating” list, just put “52 Ancestors” somewhere in the title of the post and I should see it in Feedly. Thanks!

  10. Mike

    The surname recap is an excellent idea. It’s a mighty helpful resource, and I look forward to landing on a common ancestor from someone else’s 52 Ancestors effort.

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      I have your blog listed in Feedly (the blog reader I use). As long as you include “52 Ancestors” somewhere in the title of your posts, I should find them. Thanks!

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      Wonderful! Be sure to put “52 Ancestors” somewhere in the title of your posts that you want included in the weekly recaps. Otherwise, I won’t see them in my blog reader.

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