52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 16 Recap

52ancestors-week16Ok, now that you’ve had a chance to come down from the sugar rush from all of those Peeps and chocolate bunnies, take some time to read some great genealogy.

Marian Burk Wood tells about her ancestor Minnie Farkas tossing her engagement ring. Lizf shares a story of her great-aunt, a college student and money manager! Jenna shares stories of her bachelor uncle Paul and why she thinks it’s important to remember the relatives who never had children.

I have to bring to your attention “Remembering Grandpa” by Brian Zalewski. It’s not a 52 Ancestors post, but it beautifully describes why so many of us do what we do.

My contribution this week was about my 4th-great-grandfather John Hibbs of present-day Monongalia County, West Virginia — an ancestor I don’t know as well as I thought I did.

3 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge: Week 16 Recap

  1. Brian Zalewski

    Thanks for pointing people at the post about my grandfather. What started as a simple anniversary post turned into something more deep. I’m glad people enjoy it and that it hits home for so many of you.

  2. Marian Wood

    Many thanks for letting people know about how my grandma Minnie Farkas threw that engagement ring out the window! And thank you again for the “52 ancestors/weeks” challenge which has encouraged me and so many others to explore a wider range of ancestors and look more closely at what we know and what we’d like to know.

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