52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Weeks 50 and 51 Recap

52ancestors-2015-50My apologies for not getting Week 50 posted. I guess that fit in with the optional theme of “Naughty.”

Who did you write about in Weeks 50 and 51 (whether or not you used the optional themes)? Leave a link in the comments below.

52ancestors-2015-51If you’re looking for some good reading this weekend, take a look at the posts from Week 49!

Seasons Greetings to everyone!

16 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Weeks 50 and 51 Recap

  1. Schalene Dagutis

    I hope everyone participating in Amy’s 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks has a wonderful, happy holiday season. And thank you, Amy, for all you do regarding the challenge. I know it’s been tough with everything else you have going on. Happy Holidays!

    Week 50 — Naughty
    I wrote about my 2C2R who did something a little bite naughty from a genealogist’s point of view. He married two women with the same name, confusing many for years.

    Benjamin Leonard JENNINGS (1868-1943)
    How many Betties Does One Man Need

    Week 51 — Nice
    This post is about our family’s favorite Christmas cookie. Recipe included

    Dorothy Ailein (LANGE) Jennings (1930-2014)
    Mom’s Spritz Cookies

  2. Vera Marie Badertscher

    I finished the year last week, since I take a break over the holidays. Interestingly, the name in each case is Johannes Amstutz (or the Americanized John AMSTUTZ)
    #50: A family divided (by parents death) http://ancestorsinaprons.com/2015/12/52-ancestors-johannes-amstutz-1771-a-family-divided/
    #51: Recycling names of triplets http://ancestorsinaprons.com/2015/12/52-ancestors-51-triplets/
    #52: What’s in the name AMSTUTZ? http://ancestorsinaprons.com/2015/12/52-ancestors-#52-whats-name-amstutz/

    Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. Thank you Amy for two years of challenges. Whether you or someone else decides to continue the challenge next year, I’m moving on to a different schedule. It’s been fun to keep up, and to read the other wonderful offerings, but I need to try some other things.

  3. Claudia Boorman

    50 – JOY, Jesse had a optimistic name fit for the Christmas season but his life didn’t stay on the straight and narrow. He was my husband’s 4-times-great uncle who was christened in Headcorn Kent England in 1791.


    51 – COMPTON, Harriet Washbourne spent her whole life in St Eleanors, PEI Canada but died at the age of 73 when my mother (her granddaughter) was only 5. It would have been nice if she had lived longer so my mother could have known her better.


    Merry Christmas!

  4. Joanne Barnard

    50 – Not having a single naughty family member, I chose to simply use “December” as a sort of theme for my ancestor George Denison. Depending on one’s perspective, his participation with Oliver Cromwell might be seen as a bit more than “naughty”.


    51 – John Machel lived what must have been a very nice and well-dressed life in Tudor times; even his funeral arrangements sound nice.


  5. Maureen

    Thanks Amy for this year’s challenge – I have loved it, hated it, pulled my hair out and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Week 50 – Thomas Arnold Dobson: likely his family couldn’t even afford to buy coal for a few weeks after he paid his fine

    Week 51 – This week I wrote about a young (and alive) cousin, Dylan Thomas, who is fund-raising for a very special cause

    Haven’t yet come up with anything for Week 52’s theme – but I know my family are hoping I resolve to keep writing (so hints with topics would be wonderful :) )

  6. Beth Gatlin

    DYER – Week 50 “Naughty”: Michael J. Dyer
    My 2nd-great-grandmother’s brother is one of many family members on the “naughty list”!

    TARKINGTON – Week 51 “Nice”: James William Tarkington
    My 2nd-great-grandfather fits the theme for more reasons than one!

  7. shelley@minkyadoo

    Week 50 “Naughty” Ernest B. Bough

    My Great-Uncle never returned from the war, probably received coal his stocking.

    Week 51 “Nice” Anita Bough- Moorhead

    Our family historian tells how Christmas was spent long time ago…Reviews are in she get the Nice Award.

  8. Celia Lewis

    No. 50: very early Immigrant: Deacon Richard MILES, 1597-1667, England to New Haven:

    No. 51: Leanah SNEED/Snead, 1767-after 1860, from Virginia to Tennessee to Illinois, who married John VINEYARD/Vinyard, leaving very few clues:

    Best wishes everyone… only one more to write up for next week! My To-Do list in research is growing longer and longer each week as I write these posts. (which is good) :)

  9. Patti Di Loreto

    #50 – BRASHIER – John Calhoun Brashier, my 2nd Great Grandfather. Used him for my “Naughty” theme as rumor has it that he had a bit of a “wandering eye.” Though he did have a nice bunch of kids through three marriages and I have a big, wonderful bunch of cousins that also descend from him, so I’m happy to have him in my family tree!

    #51 – FORSEN/FORSON/FORTSON – Charles, my 3rd Great Grandfather. Used the “Nice” theme here as in it would be *nice* to know more about this man!

    My Pinterest Board address here:


    For a partial list of surnames I’m researching, check out my Ancestry profile page by searching for “pattidi123” in the member directory.


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