52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 45 Recap

52ancestors-2015-45Week 45. Do you realize that means there are only 7 more weeks?!

The optional theme for Week 45 was “Free” — basically pick your own theme! (So if an optional theme is “pick your own,” is that really “optional”? I’ll let you ponder on that one :) )

Leave your links to your Week 45 posts in the comments below. Also, be sure to look at the posts from Weeks 43 and 44!

Upcoming Optional Weekly Themes:

  • Week 46 (November 12-18) – Changes.
  • Week 47 (November 19-25) – Sporting.
  • Week 48 (November 26-December 2) – Thankful.

17 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 45 Recap

  1. Cathy Meder-Dempsey

    I picked “nur nicht verzweifeln” or don’t despair: I had a rough time getting this written with correct source citations. I came to realize there are still avenues open to me for researching the German families. This is the last German family group in this generation. The next four sets of 3rd great-grandparents will take me back to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Whew!

    52 Ancestors: #45 The WAGNER-KERSCHT Family
    by Cathy Meder-Dempsey at Opening Doors in Brick Walls

  2. Elizabeth Handler

    My post this week was about a third great-grandfather, Samuel GREELE(Y), who was married four times, but isn’t buried with any of his wives (who are all buried in different cemeteries).

    Samuel Greeley (1783-1861)

    I also want to share that I have now written about all 32 of my third great-grandparents (or those I hadn’t written about previously) because of this blogging challenge. See New Landing Page For My 32 Third Great-Grandparents about the creation of a new landing page with links to posts about these thirty-two ancestors.

  3. Joanne Barnard

    When we learned in school that desire for religious freedom was one of the main driving forces for immigration into America I had no idea that so many members of my own family came here for just that reason. This week I chose the theme of “Religious Freedom” and wrote about my 10th great grandfather Chad Brown, one of the founders of Providence, RI.

  4. Claudia Boorman

    I couldn’t help but choose the theme “veteran” this week so I could write about my maternal great uncle, a Canadian WWI veteran:

    MAY, Major Frederick Farrer enlisted as Captain in the 26th New Brunswick Battalion early in Nov 1914. He was seriously wounded near Ypres in Oct 1915 after only a month at the front. He later married my maternal grandfather’s sister Mabel ANDREW, but they had no children of their own. Lest we forget.


  5. Patti Di Loreto

    BROUGHTON/MITCHELL – For this week, I featured my 5th Great Grandmother, Nancy (Broughton) Mitchell (1762-1849) and wondered about her origin – some say she was born a Broughton, others that she was found as a baby or young child in a fort that had been attacked by Indians and raised by Jesse and Mary (Hawkins) Broughton. My Pinterest board address here:


    For a partial list of surnames I’m researching, check out my Ancestry profile page by searching for “pattidi123” in the member directory.


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