52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 38 Recap

52ancestors-2015-38It’s officially Fall! Believe me, I was more than ready for Summer to be over.

The optional theme for Week 38 was “Favorite Place.” Did you talk about a favorite family place or a favorite place you like to research? (Or maybe a favorite place to actually go research in!)

I didn’t write a 52 Ancestors post this past week, but I did write “6 Ways to Have a Better Library Visit” and “Exploring the Hidden Features of Ancestry’s New Image Viewer.”

Who did you write about this week? Leave a link to your post in the comments below. Also, enjoy the beautiful fall weather by curling up with your laptop and reading the posts from Week 37.

Upcoming Optional Themes

    • Week 39 (September 24-30) – Unusual

October themes are coming – I promise!

26 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 38 Recap

  1. Patti Di Loreto

    I did not focus on an ancestor this week. I couldn’t even pick ONE favorite place to research…so I picked several! 1.) Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland from whence my rascal Border Reiver ancestors hailed, the stories and history they left behind have been overshadowed by the “Romance of the Highlands” but such a RICH history it is! 2.) Scotland in general – Researching my Scottish ancestors as well the wonderful and turbulent history of the country makes me proud to have roots there. 3.) Ulster Province in Northern Ireland/Republic of Ireland – have many Ulster Scot ancestors from there, VERY interesting history to be found there as well! 4.) Kansas/Missouri Border, Missouri in general – Paternal GF’s people, both sides of his family, settled there – the Border Wars and the Civil War era of the area absolutely fascinate me; how did my ancestors ever get through it all? 5.) Texas – My home state and the “endpoint” of westward travel for many of my ancestors – from the time it was still a part of Mexico until both of my grandfathers ventured here and beyond. 6.) “The South” – where most of my ancestors settled, I love to follow their trails as my ancestors, their children, grandchildren, etc. made their way ever westward. (I stopped here in my list, but really, I could name several more…)

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  2. Schalene Dagutis

    I improvised quite a bit and wrote about my favorite types of blog posts to write instead of favorite place as that varies depending on which branch of the tree I am working. My brother, who is a WWII historian, and I have developed a fun partnership that enables him to provide the context of what was happening in the war in what we’ve taken to calling a set-up post and I write about the specific experiences of our ancestor. So in a way, I guess, this post is about my “baby” brother, John E. Jennings.

    Describing War

  3. Wendy Negley

    I wrote about my 3X great grandfather, Giuseppe Tinetti , I visited his birth place and the place he moved last year and they are among my favorite places!


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