52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 33 Recap

52ancestors-2015-33The optional theme this week was “defective,” and the posts that I read were anything but defective!

Lori Ann Wegner of The Buttermaker and the Midwife posted “Herman Loock Was Too Deaf for the Draft.” Cheri Hudson Passey of Carolina Girl Genealogy wrote “Defective Ancestors — the Dorritys.” She also found some interesting discrepancies among the records. Cheryl Biermann Hartley of My Search for the Past wrote about her ancestor “Nettie Walton – a Documented Idiot.”

On a personal note, as the mother of a Deaf son, I’d like to thank everyone, first, for tackling this subject and, second, for doing so with such compassion.

Your Turn

Who did you write about for Week 33 (whether or not you used the optional theme)? Leave a comment with a link below. Take a few moments to look at the posts from Week 32. I continue to be amazed at the writing we see every week.

Upcoming Optional Themes

  • Week 34 (August 20-26) – Non-Population
  • Week 35 (August 27 – September 2) – School Days

A bit of a delay with the September themes. Moving my daughter back to college too more time than I planned. (You’d think after doing this 3 times before that I’d know it always takes longer than planned!)

33 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 33 Recap

    1. Amy

      Thank you for sharing her story, Joanne. I left a couple of suggestions on your post for records you might want to look for. (You’ve probably already tried, but just in case…)

  1. Vera Marie Badertscher

    Ida SCHNEITER (STUCKY) was fortunate not to have any defects to list on the census, nor did any of her many siblings or babies–although I suspect in some small, close communities, where the census taker was a member of the community, there may have been blank spaces that were supposed to be filled in–don’t you?
    So I focused on the many babies in the household of Ida, one of which was her first grand daughter, my Husband’s mother.


  2. Pam Carter

    I haven’t found any ancestors, direct or collateral, in these schedules. I do have a great-grandmother who was institutionalized in the 20th century, but I don’t know enough of her story to write something. I chose to write about a more distant ancestor who would have been on these census schedules if they existed during her lifetime.

    DUTCH, Grace (Pratt) – her case would be considered elder abuse in today’s society. http://mymaineancestry.blogspot.com/2015/08/petition-of-poor-distressed-widow-52.html

  3. Wendy Negley

    I wrote about my step-father’s great grandfather, because it’s almost the anniversary of his birthday and I found his 1st great grandfather in the 1890 Veteran’s Census!

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      Welcome, Elizabeth! I’ve added your blog to the list of those participating. I love the name, by the way! History is definitely a series of paths!


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