52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 3 Recap

52ancestors-2015-03It’s Week 3 of the 52 Ancestors Challenge and participants are going strong!

A Note About Posting Links

One of the benefits of blogging about your ancestors is finding cousins. Make it easy for them to find you and your post! When you post your link in the comments, include the ancestor’s name and a brief description (maybe the location or an interesting tidbit). For example:

RAMSEY, John of Perry County, Ohio. He came to a fiery end.

Also, please wait until the weekly recap to post your links. Adding your links on the recap posts keeps them all in one place and makes it easier for people to browse. (Again, make it easy for your cousins to find you!)

On With the Good Stuff

The Week 3 theme of “Tough Woman” brought out the stories of perseverance — either in our ancestors or in us trying to find them!

Hollie Ann Henke on Relativity told how her ancestor wanted to be a Superwoman. Karen Ramon of Diggin’ Up Dead People wrote about her grandmother, who saw the loss of siblings and, later, her own children. Amy K. showed just because your ancestor was related to a famous family doesn’t mean that she’ll be easy to research. Wendy of Jollett, Etc. showed how hard it is to research your ancestor when there are so many with the same name.

My contribution this week was about Amanda Wilson Lowers, who my grandma described as “a big, husky, raw-boned female and I was half afraid of her.”

Who did you write about this week? Leave a link in comments below! Also, be sure to go back and look at the contributions from Week 1 and Week 2. There are some incredible posts out there!

week3-twitterUpcoming Optional Themes:

  • Week 4 (Jan 22 – 28) – Closest to your birthday
  • Week 5 (Jan 29 – Feb 4) – Plowing through
  • February themes

100 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 3 Recap

  1. Colleen Greene

    #52Ancestors: Great Grandmother Sarah Kennedy, a Tough Woman to Research

    My great grandmother Sarah Kennedy Flanagan has been extremely difficult to research, mainly due to her children being orphaned at a young age, and her children being split up and lost to each other. Yet even the records I have been able to find offer conflicting information. I also have not identified a single other descendant who is actively researching Sarah or Sarah’s line, with whom I could collaborate on this tough woman.


    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      You can leave links to your 52 Ancestors posts here on the weekly recaps that I post on Thursdays.

  2. Cheryl Biermann Hartley

    I seem to be struggling with themes. Last year I wrote about Alma Maier – The Grandmother I Never Knew. This week I paid tribute to my step-grandmother, Effie Daughters, a woman who married for the first time at 47 years of age.
    Effie Lucretia Daughters – The Grandmother I Knew – 52 Ancestors 2015 #3

    1. starryblackness

      Hi Paula, I liked your story. Good luck with your search! You say you are hoping for cousins to contact you, I thought I would just suggest that if you display your key family and/or location names near the top of the page, maybe in a list or word cloud (both are available in my template as a widgets) it immediately suggests to anyone who looks at your page that you may have ancestors in common.
      Best wishes

    1. Amy Johnson Crow Post author

      I would classify her as a tough woman! (And it’s perfectly alright not to use the themes!)

  3. oldbonesgenealogy

    BUNT BIANCHI – 52 Ancestors 2015 Edition: #3 Maria Bunt Bianchi (1865 – 1944), a Tough Life Takes a Tough Woman by Eileen A. Souza at Old Bones Genealogy

    The suggested theme for this week was “tough woman.” As soon as I saw the theme, the name of my great-grandmother jumped to mind. Even though I never met her, I have always thought of her as a very tough woman throughout her life.


      1. Patti Di Loreto

        Thank you Amy! Since I found out the idea came from you, I’ve changed my board description to reflect that and put your blog name there. I’ve got a couple of people I want to do, then I will probably join in on your theme ideas – this is going to be fun and I’m sure I’ll learn more about my ancestors in the process!

  4. Deborah Samuel Holman

    Week 3: Sophie WEISS SPIEGEL http://whoweareandhowwegotthisway.blogspot.com/2015/01/52-ancestors-in-52-weeks-3-sophie-weiss.html

    My great- grandmother survived the loss of her mother at a young age, lost her husband after only 10 years of marriage, raised three children alone during a World War, faced anti-Semitism, fled her homeland as a result of another World War, lost many of her possessions, and learned to live in a new country at the age of 64. I’d say that’s A STRONG WOMAN!


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