52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 14 Recap

52ancestors-2015-14Hard to believe we’re in Week 14 already!

With the week’s optional theme being “Favorite Photo,” I knew it would be an even more interesting week than usual. (And that’s saying something!)

Melody Lassalle of The Research Journal shared a photo of the 8 Pacheco brothers, taken circa 1905 in Kauai, Hawaii. (By the way, Melody, you weren’t the only one to ask how you were supposed to pick only one!) Amy Wood Kelly of Shaking My Family Tree showed Molsie Jane Talbert Litaker and gave a brief history of tintypes. Brenna G. of Green Family Archives posted a really cool photo of the Twin Doctors Green — neat photo from med school!

My contribution this week (also combining with Week 13, with a passing reference to her husband), was my great-grandmother Clara (Mason) Young: “Great-Grandma Young Wasn’t Always Old.” It’s one of my favorite photos, and it also got me to think about how our mind’s eye can warp our perceptions of people.

It’s Your Turn

Leave a comment with a link to your 52 Ancestors post from this week, along with the ancestor’s name and maybe a bit of context. Also take a look at the entries from Week 13. There are a lot of “different” posts there!


Upcoming Themes:

  • Week 15 (Apr 9 – 15) – How Do You Spell That?
  • Week 16 (Apr 16 – 22) – Live Long
  • Week 17 (Apr 23 – 29) – Prosper

The April themes post has ideas for ways you might think about the optional weekly themes. The optional themes for May will be posted on April 15. (It’s definitely more fun than Tax Day!)

57 thoughts on “52 Ancestors Challenge 2015: Week 14 Recap

  1. Cheryl Biermann Hartley

    This week I have two entries. I wrote about the theme, “Favorite Photo,” and I have a “bonus blog” from my cousin, Gary Barlow, to commemorate the surrender at Appomattox, which took place 150 years ago on April 9th and led to end of the Civil War.

    Circa 1922, Kurt Lindner had his photo taken on his motorcycle in Stockholm, Sweden:
    Willy Kurt Richard Lindner – Motorrad Mars – 52 Ancestors 2014 #14

    Like many Americans, Gary Barlow had ancestors on both sides of the Civil War:
    Jacob Bastel and Bryant Barlow – A House Divided – 52 Ancestors 2015 – Bonus Blog

    1. Teresa

      Hey, Joanne. Cool picture. Are you by any chance related to Kay Bernard of Marquette, WI? I ask because she’s a friend of mine and avid genealogist.

  2. Teresa

    Hey, Joanne. Cool picture. Are you by any chance related to Kay Bernard of Marquette, WI? I ask because she’s a friend of mine and avid genealogist.

  3. Vera Marie Badertscher

    KASER (Bucklew), Irene

    I knew my Aunt Irene when I was a young girl, but thanks to the small town reporting of trips taken, dinner parties hosted, flower show prizes won, I learned much more about her. And doing the story inspired me to dig out the quilt she hand-sewed for me when I was born. It is now on display instead of hidden away, as is Irene Kaser Bucklew at Ancestors in Aprons.

  4. melissawiseheart

    It was hard for me to choose a favorite photo. I have three or four. In the end, I chose my great great great grandmother. I’ve always been fascinated by her fun, fancy dress in contrast with her stern, plain expression. This one’s also a bit of a two-for, as most everything I know about her is in connection with her husband, Friedrich Von Allmen.

    STÄHLI, Susanna

  5. Wendy Negley

    This photo of my Great Great Grandfather Hudson is a favorite because I just found it on Ancestry, my family had no idea it existed! It was owned by descendants of a distant cousin. Proof that the family kept in touch!


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